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Psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism

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Spas have, in view of the fact that we became more aware of natural shape treatment, be converted into increasingly well loved. So much so, that you can find a spa on nearly every main street. Most spas provide walk in treatments for the busy housewife or those suffering from […]

Health and natural remedies for Psoriasis

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In modern the upper classes, our shape is becoming the focus of our attention and the use of natural, rather than chemical skin care products and treatments is becoming increasingly relevant as our awareness of the harm we can cause to our bodies through the use of chemicals and hormones […]

Relief from Psoriasis and a vacation – part one

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If you endure from psoriasis, then you are no weirder to the endless around of lotions and creams you use to try and alleviate the effects of psoriasis. If, like me, you feel that none of them really seem to work, it may well be many years in […]