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PsoriasisCure.Net Celebrates 13 Years Helping Those With Psoriasis! home of the world’s best selling psoriasis treatment method, Say Goodbye To Psoriasis is celebrating 13 years of helping people all over the world in clearing their psoriasis.

The method developed by Jim Longnecker over thirteen years ago has helped more people clear their psoriasis than any other program or method. Jim says it […]

Cures or Remedies for Severe Psoriasis.plz help?

charvd questioned:

my cousin has a severe case of psoriasis. (a skin disorder) the majority of it is on her scalp and forhead. It is very painfull and causes many other problems. she has benn to serval doctors and tried sevral different things but none have worked does any person recomend any cures,medicines,remedies […]

Acne and Psoriasis ,eczema Treatments and Eliminating Acne Scars

Ian Reygan questioned:

For the people that have had to endure the effects of Acne and Psoriasis, the scars that are left behind from acne can often be as burdensome as the acne itself. These scars or pockmarks come in different shapes, and have their own fastidious category of identification.The scars are caused […]

Melaleuca – Powerful Tea Tree Oil Treatment for Acne, Staph and Other Skin Infections

Karen MacKenzie questioned:

The skin is the largest organ of the body, it covers an area of 21 square feet (two square meters) and weighs around eleven pounds (five kilograms) in an average adult. No other organ is so exposed to infection, pollution, and injury or can be inspected so readily. It has […]

have you got a remedy for psoriasis?

vici questioned:

a friend of mine has got some nasty psoriasis on his knees and elbows

if you have any thoughts about anything that might help i would be greatful

thank you

has anyone heard of using banana peels for psoriasis?

jack f questioned:

i’m 54 years ancient and with the past year i have developed psoriasis. i have tried innumerable remedies, with not much succes.

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Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris Causes Symptoms Information With Treatment

Juliet Cohen questioned:

Pityriasis rubra pilaris is a rare and chronic skin disorder that often has a sudden onset. Symptoms contain ruddy orange discolouration scaling, and severe flaking of the skin. Dr. W.A.D. Griffiths has classified six forms of PRP. At this time, the cause of PRP is unknown, and a cure is […]

Is there any home remedies for psoriasis?

one_mystique_lady questioned:

My 15 year ancient daughter has had psoriasis for nearly a year now. It is quite painful. She cant take showers or baths without it hurting. We are not sure what type it is.