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Please help?

Tinamarie questioned:

I have psoriasis and I started tanning. The scabs have gone away but I have scars from the medication. What do I do???? It looks like I am covered in cigg butt burns………

Psoriasis Cure

I have severe psoriasis.Help Me?

Ozzamater questioned:

I have had this in view of the fact that I was 14. it was never too terrible. I got pregnate and it was gone. I also nursed for a year and it was under control then. But as soon as I stopped nursing it flared up Terrible!!!! It has been […]

how long does it take to get a tan in a tanning bed?

kaligirl…xxx questioned:

i have honest skin and burn not really easily but simpler than i i have psoriasis on my legs pretty terrible and when i was in highschool the doctor tried all to get rid of it and nothing worked so i started tanning and it took it away really quickly, […]

Does anyone else fine it difficult to deal with psoriasis?

Mal questioned:

Hey everyone, My name is Mal, and I have had psoriasis in view of the fact that I was in 8or 9. I am now nearly 16. My psoriasis has gotten so much better over the past couple of years I went from about having probably 60% of my body covered […]

Will tanning help my Rosacea and Psoriasis?

? ali questioned:

I have a mild case of both psoriasis and rosacea..will tanning help it not flare up as much?

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how safe are tanning beds?

sweetmaree questioned:

I have very terrible psoriasis, quit going to the tanning salon last year because I went for ten years- 3or 4 times a week for twenty minutes per conference, and was worried about being paid skin cancer. My doctor just said i should go back- go twice a week for ten […]

What are the best tanning bed on the market right now for residential use? Best way to research them?

foodie_fun questioned:

For severe psoriasis treatment at home to save $$. Also, are there any product review/blogs/message boards to compare them?

Psoriasis Cream

Will using a tanning bed help with fibromyalgia?

nonnaluv questioned:

I have pain in nearly every joint and the doc believes it is fibromyalgia and my husband thought that using the tanning bed will help ease the pain because of the heat. A guy he works with has psoriasis and he uses a tanning bed to help that.

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