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Is Ode to Psoriasis a bad idea for a homecoming float?

Food Dude questioned:

If so, what’s a better thought?

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Psoriasis Survey Update

The website at was offline the past two days due to a ma?tre d’h?tel go but is now back up.

Please stop by and participate in Survey 3 now. It only takes a minute or two. Thanks!

Psoriasis Survey #2 Completed

Psoriasis Survey #2 has been concluded and you are invited to view the results to see where you fit in among the 300 participants.

The survey, consisting of 10 multiple choice questions, provided some fascinating results regarding psoriasis treatments. sponsored the survey and results can be found at the website.

A new survey is […]

Have You Taken the Psoriasis Survey Yet?

We are presently conducting a survey for people suffering from psoriasis and we invite you to participate.

There are 10 questions with multiple choice answers relating to your psoriasis skin condition.

No personal information such as your name or send by e-mail address are collected.

It only takes a minute or two of your time […]