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what is this on my legs?

metal_babe1243 questioned:

ok, i have Guttate psoriasis and there is something on the inside of both my legs that isnt guttate psoriasis, its a bid red patch that burns when run rubs against it, besides that it doesnt hurt too terrible, could it be another type or psoriasis? a rash? something totaly different??


Will the Army take me if I have a chronic skin condition?

Franzia Kafka questioned:

I’m a 22-year-ancient girl who’s suffered from chronic guttate psoriasis/strep throat infections my entire life. In spite of the skin condition, I have no distress with physical endeavor or staying generally healthy. I’m curious as to whether the Army would take me because of this shape issue if I was […]

Has anyone tried MG-217 ointment on their psoriasis?

ANDY C questioned:

I have mild-medium (?) guttate psoriasis on my legs/calves and hips and I have heard incredible things about MG-217, a coal tar ointment. I have had corticosteroids and they work for as long as I’m using them and afterwards it’s back to flare-ups. I am very aware that some things […]

guttate psoriasis?

Emily R questioned:

i am nearly fully recovered from a 7-month battle with guttate psoriasis induced by a severe strep infection. my rash is gone in most places, but there is a lack of skin tan where each one was. is there a quick way to somehow renovate melanin to these areas? thanks […]

Help with psoriasis? questioned:

I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis. It’s all over my back and stomach. It makes my back look ancient and wrinkly like when I’m only 17. Does anyone have help to stop the itching and keep my skin looking as young as I am? Any help will be momentously appreciated, thanks!


i have red skin on my arms and chest how do i get ride of it?

gorman321 questioned:

have red skin on my arms and chest how do i get ride of it? i had a out break of guttate psoriasis but it has cleared up and has not returned in a year yet i was recommended occultion (wrapping the leasions with plastic wrap after appling a topical steroid) […]

Too much corticosteroid?

NICINKC questioned:

I have guttate psoriasis. My dermatologist perscribed corticosteroid. The instructions say apply only a small amount to the lesions. I have lesions ALL OVER! Is there such as thing as too much and if so what are the reprocussion?


My 7 years old daughter got Guttate psoriasis. Anyone know about the Guttate psoriasis?

mckay9556 questioned:

I’m worried about her future, will she be recovered?

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