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is this normal? 14 year old question?

Abigail V questioned:

im 14 but i really want to have a child the the thing is i know im too young and all plus i could have a child as im on a drug called methotrexate for my psoriatic arthritis but is it normal for a 14 year ancient to be broody????


Psoriasis at home/otc remedies?

ochya questioned:

I have psoriasis on my face, more specifically it is on both of my eye lids, aptly next to my aptly eye, and on my upper lip.

What kinds of treatments have you used that have given you positive results? I don’t have shape insurance (a growing widespread in this country) […]


Å???????§ questioned:

Can a name give me a website of some information on Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis or just any kind of information on this condition? I endure from it and I really want to learn more?!?!

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Help me with my psoriasis?

eemia questioned:

Okay so I have psoiaisis pretty terrible on my back, neck, and chest.

Does anyone know about some cheap at home treatments available?

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psoriasis and tanning bed?

i have had the type of psoriasis that comes on after a throat infection, its sever and has been here for over 3 months now. i have been on alot of drugs and nothing has worked. so now im looking into the tanning option. i cant really consult a doctor because i dont have a […]

what to use for major outbreak of psoriasis?

I am at my wits end. I have had people pointing to my face asking what is ill-treat with my face, I can't look in mirrors anymore. I have it head to toe and I just don't feel pretty anymore.

to my husband or my kids, or even my family. I am just hideous. I […]

Does my baby have psoriasis?

My son is 5 months ancient and I noticed the other day when we were outside that he had set alight yellow spots on his head. I have psoriasis and it's on my head so I've never really seen what it looks like.

my son have this? I thought maybe his hair just wasn't life […]

I have nail psoriasis, and was wondering if you can get fake nails for men, that will be hard to detect?

It's just that I have an overseas conference to attend in a couple of weeks, where i'll do a lot of networking, and i'm concerned that my hideous nails will place people off (despite it life completely non-contagious, some people are too quick to judge.that's life). Is it possible for a man to get fake […]