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What is the recurrence rate of psoriasis ?

Beurself questioned:

Psoriasis is an allergic reaction triggered by many factors such as unhealthy diet, no exercise, & stress. But if it ihas been treated, then will it recurr? In view of the fact that it is an allergic reaction it might be re-triggered by the allergant.
Is this right?

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3 comments to What is the recurrence rate of psoriasis ?

  • i have a slight case of psoriasis and not once has my doctor told me it was an allergic reaction.but you are assess in that stress can aggrevate the condition.its caused by a defect in the autoimmune can be treated but not cured.ive had the best results from cortisone shots but a doctor might prescribe topicals might go away for a even as but it can always return

  • Psoriasis is not an allergic reaction. The cause of psoriasis is not known (that’s why there is no cure for it yet). I cleared my 4 year ancient psor. with champori cream and it hasn’t come back in over 8 months now…

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