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Does having a scalp treatment help prevent psoriasis?

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jax p questioned:

I had psoriais before and I reckon it might be popping up again, Im thinking if I get a scalp treatment it will help before it gets worse.. and what exactly is a scalp treatment used for anyways?

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3 comments to Does having a scalp treatment help prevent psoriasis?

  • I’m only 11 but my mum treats psoriasis and she says go to a clinic!
    Don’t question random people around the world!!!

  • J P

    Psoriasis is a medical condition and there are effective medical oitments to treat or dry it out as each breakout occurs.

    Scalp treatments are mostly used to ‘oxygenate’ or bring blood to circulate in the scalp. These treatments are done any manually or using machines developed for this purpose.

    There are theories that it helps dryness, oiliness, or other scalp conditions. Whether it is right, am not really sure.

    My advice to you is to see a licensed and skilled Dermatolgist before doing anything that may exacerbate or irritate your scalp.

  • No, psoriasis is a hereditary condition and it can not be cured. You can treat it but it can always come back, in the same place or other spots. You can get over the counter medications for it if you cant see a derm.

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