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Cure for Psoriasis ?

psoriasis cure
Telmah questioned:

Has anyone tried Jim Longnecker’s cure for Psoriasis and if so did it work or were you the 0.01% that it didn’t work for.


2 comments to Cure for Psoriasis ?

  • The only thing that worked for me was to stop eating meat. It cleared up pretty quickly.

  • I have it and let me tell you I tried all. My dermatologist prescribed all known to man and in the end after much research on his part he gave me Avenno Oatmeal body Wash and Avenno Body Lotion. You can buy it anywhere (Ralph’s, Rite Aid, Butt, Walmart etc.) It worked it really worked. My co worker got it a month ago and I went out and bought it for her. She brought me flowers the next week cause she was healed. i feel your pain and I know it sucks. please take my advice it really works.

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