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PsoriasisCure.Net Celebrates 13 Years Helping Those With Psoriasis! home of the world’s best selling psoriasis treatment method, Say Goodbye To Psoriasis is celebrating 13 years of helping people all over the world in clearing their psoriasis.

The method developed by Jim Longnecker over thirteen years ago has helped more people clear their psoriasis than any other program or method. Jim says it works because rather than treating the symptoms as most treatments do, his method gets to the root cause of what is actually causing psoriasis to be in an active state.

He has also developed some topical products to speed up the healing and clearing. Bee Clear Cream is an all natural product that is formulated to help those with mild to moderate psoriasis. Bee Clear MAX is a stronger formula for those fighting moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Say Goodbye To Psoriasis Spray is also recommended for those with moderate to severe psoriasis.

In celebration of the 13 Year Anniversary Mr. Longnecker has announced a Special Deal for the readers of the Psoriasis News blog. From today, September 6, 2016 through Friday, September 16, 2016 get a 13% Discount on every product in our store, plus FREE SHIPPING for our U.S. customers. International customers pay a Flat Shipping Fee of just $14.00 no matter how much you order!

To receive the 13% Discount use the Coupon Code: 13

The Special Deal is only available at our store –

Now it’s time for YOU to Say Goodbye To Psoriasis!
Say Goodbye To Psoriasis

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