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What will happen if i leave my psoriasis alone?

metal_babe1243 questioned:

my family isnt excellent on money and i was told by my doctor it would be better to go to a skin specialist for my psoriasis, what will happen if i dont? if i dont do anything for my psoriasis, what will happen?

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  • Psoriasis as you may already know now is a skin condition that does not easily go away with or without treatment!! There is evidence that some oral medicines available only with a prescription can help some individuals for a even as but medical science has not found a cure yet! Do some research online – google psoriasis – check out The National Psoriasis Foundation site it is loaded with free information!! Even as this skin condition is a nuisance and itchy (unless it covers a large part of your body – if it does you should go see a dermatologist aptly away regardless of money) it is not life threatening nor contagious!! There are indeed many over the counter treatments available at your local drug store!! Aptly now I am using Dermarest Psoriasis Skin Treatment and Psoriasin Gel!! The dermarest product really helps relieve the itch, the flaking, and the flush. It does not smell terrible and it is not greasy like many other products are. The gel I apply along with the dermarest only at night or when I am sure to be home some because it does smell! There are also treatments called MG217 and Psoriasin Ointment and Oxipor, etc. Most of these do have a unpleasant smell and are quite greasy and can stain clothing!! But they do help and you can work around it so that you use them only at night!! If your money is tight aptly now I would suggest you try some of these over the counter remedies for now!! Please read directions and note that most of these products will make it simple for you to get brown so you must limit exposure to the sun during and for a few days after use!! If you don’t do anything the itch will probably bother you alot and as you scratch off the whitish skin it can bleed and get infected so please at least try the dermarest!! Depending on how huge an area you need to treat ( a bottle costs about $8.00 ) one to two bottles should do you for a week or two!! A small goes a long ways!! Excellent Luck and feel free to send by e-mail me if you have any more questions!!!!

  • All I can say is if I neglect my psoriasis it gets itchier and the patches get larger and redder and I spend most of my day scratching and leaving bits of skin all over the place. I suggest at the very minimum you use a moisturiser, I use coconut oil which has been working well.

  • Doctors have no cure for psoriasis, and the only medications they know are steroid-based immunodepressants which carry nasty side-effects (cure worse than disease so to say).
    So, the answer to your question: nobody knows what will happen, but a lot of terrible things will surely Not happen if you stay away from prescription medications.
    Follow common advices for psoriasis: moisturize your skin regularly; humidify the air if you live in a dry climate; eat more fish (or Omega-3 supplement); go to tanning saloon (moderation is a key though). Try some natural remedies: I recommend cream/spray combo from : it is herbal and works well and quick for me.

  • Try using some over the counter lotion such as Eucerin this is a very excellent one for psoriasis. If you have it in your scalp try T-gel or Selsun Blue shampoo. These are all products that range approx. 8-12 dollars. If it is really terrible and covering your body you may have no choice but to see a doctor. I have had it terrible enough were I have had to have ultra-set alight treatments for 6 months to clear it up. Excellent Luck

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