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What do you use if your psoriasis is all over your entire body?

madame butterfly questioned:

I have psoriasis all over from my head to my toes and don’t know what to use for it. The doctor only gave me ointment for it and I just can’t see putting it in my hair or in obscene places.
I am all stressed out about all and about my psoriasis. I am starting to look like one giant scab and I can’t take it anymore. I work in public and have thought of quitting because of this condition.

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2 comments to What do you use if your psoriasis is all over your entire body?

  • ok use the ointment– it is necessary and if it is what i used it will go away in about 2 weeks apply it around 3 times a day, for your scalp– use it at night and also use t gel shampoo by neutrogena it smells kinda terrible but it is really worth it, just relax maybe take off work for a week and focus on applying that ointment 3 times a day in view of the fact that that will be hard to do at work cuz it is hard even as wearing clothes. It will be gone in NO TIME but you do need to take up again applying it once a week or so just to make sure it does not come back!! hope this helps!!

  • This may sound ridiculous, but you should go see a kinesiologist. They can test to see what foods you should and shouldn’t eat in order to clear it up.
    My sisters husband has psoriasis pretty terrible and when he sticks to the diet it clears up quite a bit.

    I reckon two things that they told him to stay away from is tomatoes and wheat. I am not sure if it a diet for just him or for people with psoriasis.

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