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COLLOIDAL SILVER for psoriasis?

Patricia L questioned:

Has anyone heard that colloidal silver helps to treat psoriasis?

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2 comments to COLLOIDAL SILVER for psoriasis?

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    No I haven’t; but, we use “Tea Tree Oil” in our body-wash and shampoo, just a few drops go a long way. Also splendid for a lot of other ailments.

  • Psoriasis Cure

    I have heard that Colloidal Silver is brilliant for treating psoriasis.

    Colloidal Silver is also incredible on burns (from cooking, soldering, even sunburns).

    A excellent friend of mine has a horrible case of psoriasis; I have offered to give him Colloidal Silver free of charge to help him, but he always declines it. (I brew Colloidal Silver in my home–it is pretty simple to do).

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